Health, Safety, Environment, & Quality

Health & Safety

Cabaco Marine takes a proactive approach towards promoting a healthy atmosphere and an injury free workplace. We understand that safe practices benefit not only our employees, but our clients and subcontractors as well.

We recognize that maintaining a safe and healthy workplace facilitates elevated production as well as increased satisfaction amongst project contributors and stakeholders alike. As such, the establishment of a healthy working environment has become central to Cabaco Marine's operations.


At Cabaco Marine, we understand that the balance between progress and conservation is delicate, but also that it is crucial to uphold. Therefore we are fully committed to the responsible management of the environment, and to the minimization of waste. We believe that our work should have the smallest practical impact on the environment, and we will not sacrifice our convictions for production.

Quality Management & Customer Service

At Cabaco Marine, we measure the success of our projects by the satisfaction of our clients. We recognize that customer satisfaction is integral to achieving repeat business, and therefore our client is always the most important stakeholder in each of our projects. We make it a point to consistently deliver the highest quality products and services to our customers, and to assure that the customer relationship is always maintained.

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